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    Financial Services: Ensuring a Strong Digital Fraud Detection Strategy in 2023


    Financial Services Ensuring a Strong Digital Fraud Detection Strategy in 2023

    As we kick-start 2023, protection against fraud must be viewed as a form of corporate social responsibility amongst financial service providers; especially across APAC, where one in four consumers fall victim to fraud. Customers demand seamless onboarding and secure transactions; any hint of unnecessary friction will send them packing. A strong digital fraud detection strategy demands striking a balance; innovative, intuitive, multi-layered technology that rewards good customers with a streamlined experience, while flagging high-risk sign- ups. Everybody wins.

    Together, Ekata and Demyst invite you to an intimate, interactive webinar to discuss the challenges the financial services industry of APAC faces in protecting itself against fraud in a time of ever-evolving social and economic upheaval. Discover the latest best practices and processes to enable seamless identity verification, without impacting revenue and the customer digital experience.

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