Philippines Government Pushes for Landbank, DBP Merger by Year End

Philippines Government Pushes for Landbank, DBP Merger by Year End

by March 29, 2023

The Philippines government has proposed a merger between the Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) before the year ends.

The consolidated bank will establish its position as the largest bank in the Philippines with an estimated asset size of about PHP4.18 trillion and a deposit base amounting to PHP3.59 trillion.

After the merger, the LBP will be the surviving entity given its higher authorised capital stock of PHP 800 billion and stronger financial position.

To date, the LBP has a total of 752 branches, while the DBP has 147 branches. The combined branches of both banks will result in a wider network for banking operations. However, only 22 branches of the DBP will be retained as a result of the merger.

Benjamin Diokno

Secretary Diokno

“By merging the two, it will now become the number one bank in the Philippines. The President expressed the desire to merge the two to make the biggest bank in the country because of the recent financial developments abroad. That’s really the best practice. The biggest bank is usually owned by the State,”

Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said during a press briefing.

He reasoned that the merger will eliminate redundancy and inefficiency in operations, resulting in savings. Diokno said that the consolidated books will allow the merged entity to better withstand economic shocks.

The merger will also enhance retail and wholesale banking operations than when functioning as separate banks.

Diokno also assured the public that the services provided by both banks will continue post-merger. He added that fair separation benefits will be offered for those who will be affected by the merger.