BillEase Partners with AUB to Unveil QRPh Integration for Seamless Transactions

BillEase Partners with AUB to Unveil QRPh Integration for Seamless Transactions

by May 6, 2024

Consumer finance app BillEase has introduced a notable upgrade to its services, marking a step towards facilitating smoother transactions across the Philippines. Through a collaborative effort with Asia United Bank (AUB), BillEase now offers users the ability to seamlessly scan QRPh codes, the national QR code standard, promising a more convenient checkout experience.

Kurt Molina

Kurt Molina

Kurt Molina, Head of Merchant Products at BillEase, expressed satisfaction, stating,

“We’re pleased to introduce QRPh to our users, providing them with more opportunities to conveniently scan and pay where QRPh is accepted. By offering QRPh, both for in-store purchases and online transactions, we’re delivering on our promise to provide Filipinos with flexible payment options through our pay later and installment products.”

This integration allows customers to utilise their credit limits for purchases, taking advantage of BillEase’s flexible installment plans. Whether opting for deferred payment or utilising BillEase’s Limit Boost, users will be able to experience a more straightforward checkout process at any merchant accepting QRPh codes.

The benefits extend beyond consumers, as merchants stand to gain from quicker transaction times and reduced operational complexities associated with cash handling.

Ivan Grytsenko, Vice President for POS Business at BillEase, highlighted the practicality of the new feature, saying,

“Our QRPh integration opens the door to all merchants. Clients can finance anything, from small daily
needs with 0% overpayment, to improving life quality purchases with flexible installments.”

Aligned with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) initiative to promote digital payment adoption, the new integration with QRPh is an effort to expedite the transition towards a cashless society, according to BillEase.

Wilfredo Rodriguez, EVP and Head of Operations and Technology at AUB, commended the partnership, stating,

“This collaboration merges AUB’s expertise in secure digital payments with BillEase’s innovative solutions, providing a top-tier payment experience for Filipino consumers.”



Featured image credit: Edited from BillEase