Author: Dmitry Yatskaer, Chief Technology Officer, OpenWay


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Dmitry Yatskaer is the Chief Technology Officer at OpenWay, with over 25 years of experience in the payment industry. He oversees the Way4 product development strategy and actively participates in OpenWay’s most sophisticated projects. He advises clients on the optimal payment solution architecture, new business line development, and large-volume card and merchant portfolio migrations. Dmitry has contributed to the successful launch of CMS platforms for ACB, Borgun, Comdata, Equity Bank of Kenya, equensWorldline, Halyk Bank, Network International, Nets, SIX Payment Services, and others.

In the ever-evolving landscape of payments, it is crucial to choose a payment platform from a vendor that can anticipate and support future growth through innovative functionality. This choice is key for staying ahead of your competitors. To illustrate the importance of choosing the right payment platform, consider the following scenarios. Imagine you’re expanding from debit/prepaid cards to credit cards and exploring becoming an acquirer or launching a digital wallet. Or, perhaps you’re a payment processor serving large banks and want to attract fintech clients with appealing offers. You might also be an acquirer targeting global ecommerce, needing new pricing…

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