Author: Jean-Philippe Wolyniec, Director of Business Development, OpenWay


Jean-Philippe Wolyniec

Jean-Philippe Wolyniec is the Regional Director of Business Development in French-speaking countries and Europe at OpenWay. With over 17 years of experience in payments and smart cards, he has actively collaborated with major banks, MNOs and retailers, also payment and public transport industry stakeholders, to launch innovative services and engineer sales strategies. Prior to his current role, Jean-Philippe served as Sales Director at FIME and held various senior positions in sales and business development, product marketing and project management at Gemalto.

Will Generative AI in payments accelerate financial institutions on their path to increased revenue and cost optimisation? The zero-humility ChatGPT says yes and offers multiple proofs from McKinsey, Forbes, EY, and other analysts. Even more reassuring, 54% of FSIs surveyed in EMEA, USA, and APAC are already embedding AI into their offerings or expanding their initiatives, and 61% plan to use Gen AI in 2024. Artificial intelligence has been a notable driver in many industries for over a decade. OpenWay, a provider of digital payments technology to banks, processors, national payment switches, and mobile wallet operators, found that clients are…

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