Fintech Salmon Gets a Boost From Finscore’s Telco Data-Based Credit Scoring

Fintech Salmon Gets a Boost From Finscore’s Telco Data-Based Credit Scoring

by April 12, 2023

Fintech startup Salmon has selected Philippines-based alternative credit scoring provider FinScore to offer flexible financing terms and generous loan amounts to merchants as well as the ability to defer shopping bills over several monthly installments to buyers.

Powered by FinScore’s telco data and advanced analytics, Salmon is now available in dozens of outlets where the partner merchants receive their net proceeds upfront.

In 2022, FHL Financing Company had launched Salmon which is a consumer lending-first fintech startup in the Philippines with the aim to make shopping simple, intuitive, and rewarding for both merchants and consumers.

According to Consumer Pulse Q4 2022 by TransUnion, 57% of consumers seek personal loans over credit cards. Enhancing loan products and simplifying loan processes can bring in good business for lending outfits.

Christo Georgiev, FinScore’s Country Manager and Chief Strategy Officer

Christo Georgiev

“As consumers regain their spending power, they look for friendlier means of paying. Financial institutions can cater to this consumer behavior with FinScore’s telco-based credit scoring.


Our alternative scoring model, powered by AI and machine learning, allows BNPLs to make quick credit decisions with minimised risk.”

said Christo Georgiev, Country Manager at FinScore.

Raffy Montemayor

Raffy Montemayor

“We want to offer the best shopping experience for both consumers and merchants.


This is just the first step towards our grand vision of making financial services simple, convenient, and accessible for every Filipino.”

said Raffy Montemayor, Co-founder of Salmon.