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Rise of Super-Apps Puts Pressure on Incumbents

In Asia, bigtechs and new digital banking challengers are rapidly gaining ground, forcing incumbent banks to rethink their business strategy and become a part of the super-app ecosystem, a new report by Finextra, in association with Infosys Finacle and OneSpan,

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Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Puts APAC Organizations at Risk

Organizations across Asia are facing challenges in recruiting and retaining cybersecurity talents, a skills shortage that’s putting them at risk amid increasing occurrence of security breaches and resulting financial losses, findings from a research by cybersecurity firm Fortinet show. The

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70% of Filipino Banks Find it Difficult to Keep up With Customer Expectations

Changing consumer expectations and a fast-evolving banking landscape are posing challenges for incumbents to keep up. Despite the realization that digital banking is the way forward, many Filipino banks are struggling to develop and implement innovative solutions, citing outdated legacy

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