20 Top Emerging Digital Finance Players to Watch in the Philippines

Though in the Philippines fintech is still in the infancy stage, adoption of digital financial services is on the rise. COVID-19 is further accelerating consumers’ shift to digital channels. A survey conducted earlier this year by PayPal showed that 87%

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8 Top Funded Fintech Startups in the Philippines 2020

The Philippines is home to a striving fintech industry comprising more than 190 ventures operating in lending, payments, credit scoring, and more and the top funded fintech startups in the Philippines gives us a sense of what investors and startups

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Fintech Report Philippines 2020: Mapping out the Fintech Philippines Ecosystem

The Philippines’ fintech ecosystem is brimming with innovation with a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs attempting to fill in the gap within the financial system. Despite the strides that the country has made in this space, the Philippines’ narrative has often

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The Philippines Fintech Report 2018

With a population of over 100 million, just 31% of adults having a bank account, and a mobile penetration of 58%, the Philippines is a fertile ground for fintech innovation. Currently, only 4% of all transactions are made online in

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