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New Challengers Pressure Incumbents to Improve Customer Experiences

In the Philippines, the market entry of new, digital-first challenger banks is shaking up the banking industry, forcing incumbents to put an emphasis on improving customer experiences to not only win new customers, but also retain existing ones. During the

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Fintech Philippines Report 2022 Highlights the Rise of Crypto and Advent of Digibanks

In the Philippines, the fintech sector is developing at a rapid pace, fueled by booming digitalization, a favorable regulatory landscape, and ongoing effort by the government to help boost financial inclusion, a new report jointly produced Fintech News Philippines and

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70% of Filipino Banks Find it Difficult to Keep up With Customer Expectations

Changing consumer expectations and a fast-evolving banking landscape are posing challenges for incumbents to keep up. Despite the realization that digital banking is the way forward, many Filipino banks are struggling to develop and implement innovative solutions, citing outdated legacy

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