Growsari Merchants Can Now Accept Digital Payments Using QR Codes

Growsari Merchants Can Now Accept Digital Payments Using QR Codes

by October 24, 2022

B2B ordering and store solution platform Growsari has partnered with Instapay to roll out a new feature to enable small physical retail stores to accept QR digital payments from their customers.

Customers can pay by scanning the store’s QR code, and payments made will be instantly available in the merchant’s Growsari wallet where they can also access all transaction receipts and records.

Merchants will then be able to use these funds for other transactions on Growsari such as ordering inventory, paying bills, and making wallet top-ups.

Growsari’s field agents will also visit merchant stores frequently to facilitate instant top ups for store owners who do not have bank accounts.

The company says that it aims to have 200,000 merchants using the new QR PH payments feature by 2023.

Sandeep Bhalla

Sandeep Bhalla

“We are pleased to show support for BSP’s initiative for a cashless society through QRPH to our market.


Growsari is building a digital ecosystem which is inclusive and easy to understand for the millions of mom-and-pop stores in the country.


We are confident the initiative will facilitate better store management and an efficient digital payments gateway to the local communities,”

said Sandeep Bhalla, Head of Financial Services, Growsari.