additiv and SwissCham Philippines Explore Embedded Finance Partnership

additiv and SwissCham Philippines Explore Embedded Finance Partnership

by February 1, 2024

In a recent engagement, Anurag Pandey, General Manager of additiv Asia Pacific, and Clarence Bondoc, Philippine Sales Director, met with representatives from SwissCham Philippines to discuss their concept of embedded finance.

additiv, with a focus on enhancing brands and financial businesses, aims to integrate financial services seamlessly into various environments. This embedded finance approach is intended to deliver tailored financial experiences at the point of need, drawing from a wide range of partners in an open ecosystem.

The representatives from additiv showed interest in joining SwissCham Philippines, aligning with the Chamber’s ongoing projects and initiatives. The move signals a potential collaboration aimed at contributing to the growth of the financial sector and the broader business environment in the Philippines.

The introduction of embedded finance by additiv suggests a shift towards a more integrated and customer-oriented financial ecosystem. The discussions between the two entities indicate the beginnings of a partnership that could foster innovation and mutual growth in finance and technology.

According to SwissCham Philippines, the prospective inclusion of additiv would add to the Chamber’s efforts in driving the evolution of financial services. This development represents a step towards greater collaboration and innovation in the embedded finance space.


Featured image credit: Swiss Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines