Marks 10th Anniversary with 10% USDC Rewards Initiative in February Marks 10th Anniversary with 10% USDC Rewards Initiative in February

by February 15, 2024

To mark its tenth anniversary, local market cryptocurrency exchange has initiated a program to offer 10% rewards on USDC holdings to its users during February under its HODL and Earn scheme.

This initiative, running from the 1st to the 29th of February, allows users who maintain a minimum balance of 20 USDC in their wallets for a week to earn rewards, which are then directly credited to their wallets. The calculation of rewards is conducted on a weekly basis, based on the minimum balance from Monday to Sunday.

Jen Bilango

Jen Bilango

Jen Bilango, the Country Manager of, remarked on the occasion, saying,

“In marking a decade since was established in 2014, we want to share this milestone moment with our community. That’s why for this month only we’re giving rewards on USDC to the tune of 10%, calculated on a per annum basis. This stands out as one of the most competitive rewards for a stablecoin in the market today.”

She emphasised that this move is intended as a token of appreciation for both long-term and recent users of the platform.

The announcement also mentions the possibility for users to opt for receiving their rewards in Philippine Peso (PHP) rather than USDC, by making a request via email. The conversion process is noted to take up to seven working days from the request date.

Additionally, the release includes information on the Airdrop Fiesta promotion and the BTC Buy, HODL and Earn Promo, which are designed to engage the user base with various rewards through participation in different cryptocurrencies and related activities.

In a broader strategic move, has outlined plans for expansion with the aim of reaching five continents. This includes targeting markets in Europe and Latin America, following successful license acquisitions in Asia, Africa, and Australia, with the objective of streamlining international money transfers via cryptocurrency.

CEO Wei Zhou also announced the integration of the Solana blockchain into the platform, highlighting a deeper commitment to the Solana ecosystem beyond mere token listings.

These developments from come as part of its efforts to commemorate a decade of service in the cryptocurrency sector, reflecting a focus on user engagement and global expansion.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik