GCash’s GStocks PH Spearheads Efforts to Diversify Filipino Investment Access

GCash’s GStocks PH Spearheads Efforts to Diversify Filipino Investment Access

by February 15, 2024

In light of forecasts predicting a rebound in the Philippine stock market in 2024, the financial application GCash has expanded its services to include GStocks PH, a stock investment feature developed in collaboration with AB Capital Securities Inc. (ABCSI) in 2023.

This addition aims to provide GCash’s user base with the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios by accessing companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

The adjustment of global economic policies, particularly by central banks reducing interest rates as led by the US Federal Reserve, is expected to enhance the attractiveness of growth assets, including stocks. According to Mark Ilao, GCash’s head of market education, this economic shift may rejuvenate interest in the Philippine stock market, which experienced a decrease in trading activity in 2023.

“This might be the year that Philippine stocks start coming back to life, presenting a good opportunity for long-term investors to participate in the growth that local companies can offer over time,”

Mark explained.

Kelvin Lee

Kelvin Lee

GStocks PH has been established as a credible platform for trading, also providing investment insights and advisories to its users.

“GStocks PH is a laudable innovation that allows consumers greater and wider access to the Capital Market that would otherwise be more challenging via traditional means. This is also in line with the commission’s policy to further democratise wealth through equity participation which in turn strengthens the Philippine Stock Market,”

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Kelvin Lester Lee said.

Ramon Monzon, the President and CEO of the PSE, views the partnership with GStocks PH as integral to enhancing financial inclusion and facilitating access to the stock market for retail investors. Monzon expresses optimism that this development will enable more Filipinos to benefit from the growth of publicly listed companies as the market recovers.

GStocks PH allows GCash users to invest in over 280 local companies listed on the PSE, featuring straightforward registration, quick and free account top-ups. Furthermore, GCash has introduced the Learning Hub, a feature offering users easily digestible content on financial concepts, accessible through the GInvest section of the app.

While acknowledging the inherent risks associated with investing, ABCSI reminds investors of the importance of conducting comprehensive research and maintaining diversified portfolios as strategies to mitigate potential risks. This advice reflects a cautious and informed approach to engaging with the Philippine stock market through platforms such as GStocks PH.

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