Netbank Taps Intel-Soln. Philippines to Digitally Enhance Rural Financial Services

Netbank Taps Intel-Soln. Philippines to Digitally Enhance Rural Financial Services

by April 23, 2024

Netbank (A Rural Bank) Inc., a provider of financial services in rural regions, has announced a strategic partnership with Intel-Soln. Philippines Inc., a firm specialising in digital transformation and the creation of learning-centric workplaces.

This collaboration marks an important development for both organisations as they seek to incorporate new technologies and continuous learning within the financial sector.

According to the financial services provider, Netbank has long been focused on making financial solutions accessible in rural communities and, through this partnership with Intel-Soln. Philippines Inc., aims to enhance its services with advanced technologies and bespoke training programmes.

Gus Poston

Gus Poston

Gus Poston, Founder of Netbank, commented on the partnership:

“We are pleased to start this journey with Intel-Soln. Philippines Inc. This partnership highlights our commitment to using digital innovation to improve service to our customers and communities. Together, we will transform rural banking, driving change and helping individuals to reach their financial goals.”

Intel-Soln. Philippines Inc. brings to the table its significant expertise in digital transformation, including offering training that includes content on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning.

The organisation shared that their approach to fostering a learning-centred environment aligns with Netbank’s goals for continual improvement and adaptation.

Baltazar "Bernie" Reyes

Baltazar “Bernie” Reyes

Baltazar “Bernie” Reyes, CEO of Intel-Soln. Philippines Inc., also shared his views:

“We are excited to collaborate with Netbank to drive digital transformation within the financial sector. By equipping Netbank’s workforce with the latest skills and knowledge in emerging technologies, we aim to boost operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall competitiveness.”

This partnership is intended to not only advance technological integration amongst rural banks but also to enhance Netbank’s capabilities, enabling it to more effectively meet the changing needs of the communities it serves.