Four E-Wallets Now Accepted in the Philippines Through Alipay+

Four E-Wallets Now Accepted in the Philippines Through Alipay+

by September 5, 2023

Ant Group, the operator of Alipay+, has announced that four mobile wallets are now accepted in the Philippine; AlipayHK (Hong Kong SAR), Kakao Pay (South Korea), Touch ‘n Go eWallet (Malaysia), and Alipay (Chinese mainland).

This means that tourists from these regions can now use their local mobile wallets to make payments in the Philippines, without having to carry cash or use a foreign credit card.

Alipay+ is currently accepted by merchants in Manila and Cebu, the two most visited cities in the Philippines.

The acceptance of these new mobile wallets comes as travel to the Philippines is recovering as more than 3 million tourists have visited the country from January to July 2023.

South Koreans top the list of international visitors to the Philippines, while Malaysia ranks in the top 10.

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the second largest airport in the Philippines, has also integrated Alipay+ across 90% of its merchants.

While the first three e-wallets mentioned above are new additions, Alipay has been accepted by Filipino merchants since 2017.

Dr. Cherry Huang

Dr. Cherry Huang

Dr. Cherry Huang, General Manager of Alipay+ Offline Merchant Services at Ant Group said,

“Philippines and its many islands, such as Cebu, have long been a favourite destination for Asian travellers and we look forward to working with our local partners to enhance their travel experience.


Our focus now is to work with more partners to onboard more merchants with Alipay+ across the Philippines, particularly local small businesses, and promote digital travel and travel recovery.”

Introduced by Ant Group in 2020, Alipay+ aims to enable local businesses, especially SMEs, to process a wide range of mobile payment methods and reach more than 1.4 billion regional and global consumers.

In addition to the Philippines, Alipay+ is also widely accepted in destinations including the Chinese mainland, Macao SAR, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea among others.